Welcome to archipelago tour to Kvarken World Heritage Site

Welcome to the Kvarken archipelago

 Archipelago Tours has organized nature guidance, excursions, wandering, fishing, sailing, courses, adventurous program services and camp schools mainly in the Finnish Kvarken Archipelago. In the following page, there are more examples about our services.

The Vaasa and Kvarken archipelago in Finland is a versatile and interesting brackish water area, with thousands of islands (about 14.000 islands in the coast of the Ostrobotnia), signs of ice age, pools, tidepools, fast rising of the land and moving of the coast that gives 300 hectares of new land every year to the Ostrobotnian coast.

In this labyrinth archipelago that has been inhabited for centuries there are a number of natural and cultural destinations. The area is suitable for many kinds of fishing, and the inner archipelago gives shelter for paddling and possibilities for sailing.